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The Wealthy Affiliate has just launched NicheQ and this will definitely make niche picking much easier for internet marketers. There was a lot of buzz in the Wealthy Affiliate community on this new feature that is now incorporated into the Wealthy Affiliate membership. Once again, Kyle & Carson has over delivered to the Wealthy Affiliate members.

So what is NicheQ?

NicheQ is a niche picking dream to internet marketers who has difficulty in identifying profitable niches to enter. Research has been done on which niches are profitable to aim for. Not only does NicheQ tells you which niche to pick, this feature also provides members with in-depth research reports and resources. Niche picking has never been easier and this literally will save the many hours of mundane research work.

In addition to discovering and picking the hot niches, NicheQ also provides the following:

  • custom built professional looking websites
  • keywords list
  • search engine optimized keywords
  • follow up emails for your auto-responders
  • PLR articles
  • PLR guides
  • private discussion forum on the chosen niche

NicheQ was just launched minutes ago and I have taken a quick look at the niches that was presented in the Wealthy Affiliate members area. There are 5 niches discovered in NicheQ. These are pretty interesting and competitive niches (nope, weight loss is not one of them) and that’s all I can say for now. Won’t be fair if I disclose the niches in the blog here.

The only complaint I have is that we are only allowed to pick 1 niche to view each month. The 5 niches that are presented in NicheQ all look very attractive and I am having a hard time determining which niche to pick first. Based on what I know from the NicheQ website, there will be more niches uncovered and I will have an even touger time deciding which niche to pick first. Too much of a good thing is a nice problem to have!

So how much is NicheQ? Well technically NicheQ is free if you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate and such a gem could have been a stand alone service. But Kyle & Carson has decided to integrate NicheQ into the Wealthy Affiliate and made niche picking much easier for the members there.

So the next question is how much is a Wealthy Affiliate membership? For something that has so much value, the membership fees is at USD 39.00 per month. Insane value if you asked me for the education you get and now niche picking work is all done and delivered on a silver platter.

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Special Offer!

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